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I often wonder why I wasn’t “awakened” earlier in my life, but I’ve realized that I had some important things to do, some life lessons to experience. After raising a family and working as a lab technician for twenty-eight years, I was laid off . Surprisingly, I was happy and had a sense that there was something ahead, even though I didn’t yet know what it would be.

Prior to losing my job I started to notice cloud formations that took the shape of angels. I decided if it looked like an angel then it could actually be one, so I continued to take photos and began to share them with friends. Over time I was drawn to something called automatic writing, a simple way of connecting with your guides and angels, through asking a question and listening for an answer. I soon ran out of questions and started asking what they wanted to say to me. I would often receive a response in the form of prose in return. Their responses always had more profound content and were never what I expected. When you receive this kind of information, your heart pushes you to share. Seeing their value to enhance lives, I initially tried giving the photos and poetry away, to no avail and realized I was supposed to be compensated for my good intentions. I was soon led to a wonderful woman, named Dolores, who owned an angel store. A few months later she invited me to be a part of it. I was with her for three years where I learned about the retail business.

Equipped with new knowledge, I opened my own business. Within a year I expanded to three times the space and looking back, for the first time, I realized that I had been led every step of the way. Not only that, I was using many of the skills I had in my previous job. I have learned so much about things I never knew that I knew and have expanded through meditation and wisdom in what I present artistically, as well. My most profound revelations have been, when you let life happen, you are led to your greatest joy and when you trust you are protected and guided, miracles always happen.

My angel themed business allows me to share my angel photos, unique nature photography, artwork, books that open people to subjects that bring comfort, expand their thinking and inspirational gifts. Over time, I have become aware of the reason I was led here, that of sharing my story and inspiring others to be aware of what surrounds them, to live in the now, and know that anything is possible. This awareness leads them to opening themselves in all areas of life and in many cases, healing. No one comes into the store by accident and I have seen that all who enter are changed somehow. It is quite evident that the angels are ever-present and leading them in for whatever they or I might need. This is an incredible life I am living and I can’t wait to see what’s next!

Cheryl Simpson

Cheryl Simpson has always been drawn to nature and everything that involves some form of creativity. After a career in research and raising four children, her angels have led her to a path in life that promises more than enough to keep her busy for years to come. She is an artist/photographer, an illustrator, a medium, a graduate of Integrated Energy Therapy (IET), and a practitioner of Vogel healing. She is living her destiny and her passion and focus are now all about helping others realize their own gifts and potential to move forward. She is constantly validated by the people who are led to her and knows her journey involves working with angels, a responsibility she is thrilled to be a part of. She reminds us that they are our personal link to the inspiration coming from our Creator. She sees becoming an author as an exciting new venture that will provide another avenue to pass along the things that have inspired her.

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